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The Plan!

So the initial plan was to order parts at the end of April/start of May and expect to have all parts arrive in 2.5 months in mid July. During that time I would polish the website and CAD models as well as prepare 3D printed parts for a prototype to be assembled as soon as possible. I have done well with the website, CAD models, and 3D printed parts but I am being let down by late supply from vendors.

While I argue with vendors using covid-19 as an excuse, I am extending late shipments to the end of July as well as shopping for local parts. By the start of August I must have a working prototype. By mid to late August I will put together basic packaging and running some beta testing. My goal is by around the start to mid September that I have a the printers packaged and ready to ship to buyers.

The future of the Power ARM will be to focus on completing an extensive trouble shooting page by mid October and finishing a kit manual before Christmas. I do want to start designing new machines by start of November at latest to keep up with developing technologies. My goals are to release yearly upgrades, iterations for consumers that want a wider filament printing range, as well as starting development on an IDEX design to really develop a product line.

Things to take away from the development over the past several months are modular parts that can be used on multiple printer designs as well as faster shipping as I record and blacklist suppliers that lie about their shipping estimates. With much of the prototyping being taken care of now, future machines will be built much quicker and I really hope for a complete of the first batch so I can invest in building a larger second batch.


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