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Two Cetus's Functional, One to go, Rebuilding Code

Been a busy week between classwork and finishing up with the Cetus's. Two of them have been printing fairly reliably now so long as I feed them +/-0.02-0.03mm filament instead of +/-0.05mm filament from Zyltech. Something about their filament weather it be age or humidity or whatever, they are really difficult to work with and jam consistently in the Cetus's after a couple hours of printing.

I am currently rebuilding code for the Cetus's and then the Power ARM 3D printer for the new Marlin 2.0.6 version to replace that which were lost when I reset my computer. I should be able to move two of the Cetus's out of my dorm space by Monday and that will free up floor space for the Power ARM 3D Printer to start test printing.

I think at this point for the Power ARM 3D Printer I am going to ditch the filament flow sensor until I can get some reliable prints out first and then revisit the system later. There's a lot that still needs to be done with these machines that I am not giving enough attention to to properly polish them.


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