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All Cetus Printers Operational, Extruder Prints, and Assembly Improvements

All three Cetus MkIV's are operational, the filament has been the greatest problem to them and that's just basically this Zyltech brand of +/- 0.05mm filament that brittles early on and isn't very dimensionally accurate.

I have made some CAD edits to the extruder which I will show later as I should be collecting the finished prints this afternoon.

In the meantime, I made some basic additions of plastic tabs to help with assembly of the printer and remove any need of measuring tools when positioning the Y-Axis. The sliding screw notches will also compensate for cutting imperfections of the Aluminum Extrusion.

Classes are busy and I am a bit negligent with progress. It was a good idea to bring the project with me so I wouldn't forget about it.


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