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Tangent: What Makes the Power ARM 3D Printer Special

I have had this asked enough times by various people and it has helped me realize my website needs improvement. The Power ARM 3D Printer is smart 3D printer for a remarkably low cost. It saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars of time and resources for those buying cheap bare bone kits to have a fully modded and reliable 3D printer out of the box at this low price point. It also has arguably more features than many thousand dollar professional/education targeted 3D printers. I chose this position carefully because it is a sweet spot for high value pro-summer products and makes it an ideal new standard setter for the industry.

If I had to break things down to what made this machine so special, it might be the unique remote drive extruder ideal for high speed and high precision movement or the filament dry box that allows the retention of filament quality over longer times than open air spool holders. There are a lot of features from the flexible build plate, dual mode touch screen, and wifi/camera support that are nothing particularly new in 3D printers but this is an exceptional machine to have all of them in one package.

If you are looking for the details on what this 3D printer does better over other 3D printers, feel free to give the home page a read and there is a spec sheet below the product when you find it in the shop. I am always happy to answer any questions from anyone :D

Looks like I will be postponing my extruder update tomorrow so I best make the most of my time now.


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