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Sending Late Notices

I am still working on inventory and I just started sending late notices. There is a lot of information to add and consider but I think it is time I start putting my foot down rather than wait because I need items like the mainboard, dual drive gears, and other extruder parts today rather than tomorrow to start testing the machine.

Out of ~113 items ordered ~36 items have still yet to arrive which is good and bad. On the one hand, about 2/3'rd of orders have arrived but bad that that many items are 24 days late now from their estimated shipping times. I am going to keep a high head and stay persistent in my logging and late notices. Worst case I will be express ordering some new items at a high price to start testing. Something I can but I do not want to do knowing murphy's law that when the express order arrives, so too will the late order.


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