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Reinforced the Drybox, Increased Build Volume, Worm Gear First Test Print, Future Plans

The drybox is a complex addition, I am piece by piece optimizing it to be rigid without using excessive materials and the new rib on the side will be a suitable mounting point to the printer.

I've recently decided to increase the build volume of the printer from 250mm in height to 260mm to save on labor cost of trimming some material down 10mm.

The first worm gear prints were made today and they prove the tooth profiles match and the motion is functional but rough with first clearances. I am processing more prints and adjusting them. Rapid prototyping truly is marvelous.

Food for thought, probably starting of July I will openly advertise this project on social media and consider a potential kickstarter. Very doubtful of the kickstarter but advertisement is important.


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