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Re-ARM is over complicated

I finished two spools of filament in less than a week and I am working on finishing electronics cases and smaller parts in the meantime.

In the meantime, I hit a rather major speed bump with the Cetus MkIV's in that their LCD's wires might need to be broken out and routed to other pins on the Re-ARM board. To make matters worse, the firmware to make everything work might only be in the bugfix version and I spent a day and a half on the stable release 2.0.6 :|

I will work on making the new wires needed and hopefully the whole printer just kind of works. I am working off of some 2017-2018 guides so it's a bit different from the current version. I suppose this is why Re-ARM and RAMPS1.4 really lost popularity because sure they are easy to hack platforms but all this hacking does get exasperating when simple things like an LCD connection should have been planned from the start of the Re-ARM design.


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