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Printer moving!

I got the printer to home, auto level, heat up, and then start a dry print. This is a big step forward and I will be working on getting a working extruder today and tomorrow, milling a metal support plate for the heated bed after that, and then starting a print with actual filament at latest by next week.

At the moment there are a lot of small issues scattered to improve on. I am making adjustments to CAD models and I recently finished swapping the feeder tube that snakes from the filament spool to the extruder. Issue there was that the polyurethane tubing is very sticky and would catch the filament in runs as long as a meter. My solution was to use a teflon tubing which is smoother but more expensive. At this point cost doesn't matter that much and I am throwing everything I have at the printer to get it working.

I cannot wait to get it printing parts for the rest of its batch!


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