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Parts are arriving!

Flexible magnetic print beds and other items are arriving piece by piece early and I am excited to run my first tests on each of them. If quality is good from these samples and there is a demand for these printers, I will certainly be ordering more of them.

Today I am giving thought to renaming the Eureka3D project to Power3D. I think the name is more relevant to the website name and a brand I can really roll with. I will sleep on the idea for a few days and look into what kind of logo the design could really benefit from.

I am steadily continuing with new hardware additions with satisfying results for the electronics and power supply I am excited to show off later.

I am rapidly getting to the point where I can include wiring with the CAD design but before I get too ahead of myself, I should really start printing more test parts with all the finished designs I have right now.


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