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Marketing: High precision lead screw and metal core belts

I am almost done printing corners and moving to printing front/back plates. Electronic cases are half done. Soon I will get to the smaller pieces and fly through prints.

For now, I am giving some more thought to marketing and I realized I am neglecting to mention the benefits of the quality parts I am using. For one, the belts are reinforced with metal so as to not stretch and lose accuracy over time. The metal thus extends the life of the belts. Most cheaper printers use all plastic belts which I have had to replace over the years because they would not hold their shape.

Additionally, the lead screw choosen is rather exceptional over 4mm and 8mm pitch lead screws because it has a 2mm pitch lead screw. This is the travel of parts connected to the screw per rotation and smaller values mean the printer can obtain lower layer heights more consistently and deliver more detailed prints when desired. Additionally, it is known 8mm pitches have been known to crash after finishing prints because the threads are so steep they cannot hold the weight of itself.


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