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General Build Work and Edits

I am too lazy to go through the process of uploading pictures of the actual build at the moment. I will make a to do to post a picture of that tomorrow. For today I just want to make a brief list of what I have done.

  • Assembled the back plate

  • Added a direction arrow for the Y-Axis belt tensioner to assist in assembly

  • Corrected the Y-Axis motor mount with 32mm spaced holes to 31mm

  • Made a locking nut for the anti-backlash nut

  • Corrected the extruder drive coupler with larger M3 nut slots

  • Added a RGB flat mount for the main carriage

  • Added ridges for supporting the part cooling fan ducts

  • Corrected the X motor and Extruder Motor Mount with a set screw slot and increased its anti-backlash diameter from 22.4mm to 22.6mm

Well, I have said it here, tomorrow I will make a build update picture post here and hopefully show a semi-functional y-axis bed and system.


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