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Filament Dry box

I'm not doing full renders to save time but I just wanted to show my progress with a spool holder/dry box. Basically all filament is hydroscopic to various degrees meaning they absorb moisture from the air and this degrades print quality. My idea here isn't terribly original but also rarely done on most printers in that all Eureka3D printers will ship with a dry box so users can keep their filament dry and not have to resort to their own DIY solutions or inconveniently having to remove their filament from the printer whenever they are done printing.

Additional features of note will include:

+Reusable Desiccant

+Semi-Transparent Panel (The picture shown is an exaggeration)

+Humidity and temperature sensor

This is still a rough design at best so over time I will be adding more familiar features that will ensure the functionality of the dry box.


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