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Eureka Drive MkII

I wasn't a huge fan of the original tower block design so I reiterated the design with more curves to remove as much unnecessary plastic and give a more sleek function over form look.


+10:1 Gearing ratio for a balance between high strength torque and still being quick for extrusion/retraction.

+Dual Drive for double filament surface contact and to prevent slipping. This makes printing the toughest and most flexible filaments a breeze

+Short filament length for reducing stringing on parts and keeping cleaner details

+All in one spring tension adjustment to prevent keeping track of small/seperate pieces and to make tuning very simple.

+Auto bed leveling probe, works like magic, you'll never need to worry about parts of prints being too far or close to the print bed

+Rear Mounted Blower fan provides counter balance to the hot end

+Clear sight of the print nozzle, unobstructed by obstacles so you can check quickly the quality of prints

+Triple Bearing system, more sturdy than double bearing systems

+40mm fan is quieter than 30mm fan solutions for cooling the hotend

There are many more reasons for my choice of design, frankly, too many to go over right now. Please look forward to an official installment of this system on the main assembly as well as 3D printed prototypes. Taking pictures and videos of this system is going to be very fun!


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