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Done with PSU Covers, Still Printing

So good progress today, I have finished printing PSU covers and I also added a tail to one of its brackets to help install the PSU in the right position on the sliding aluminum rails. I still have to print these brackets and many other pieces but I am targeting the larger more certain parts right now that will not have any edits before printing the smaller and quicker pieces.

Right now I have a printer print a couple batches of plastic washers and now are working on corner pieces. Things will get rather busy with these pieces because a lot can be mounted to them. On my to do list are trimming some metal pieces but I am just realizing I left my dremel at the work shop where the CNC machine is prepped... good grief.

I will get this stuff done! I am kind of getting a returned interest in an old board game I made a couple years back and I wonder how much fun it could be to use +1000 magnets in the project. I certainly will not change projects before finishing this batch of printers.


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