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Cutting Metal

Got my hands on my dremel again after loaning it out so I could cut the nubs off the top of the Z-axis linear rails and sit them flush with the top of the printer. I can confirm the metal is hardened steel from the spark test and how much it was a pain in the butt to cut them ha.

So the story is I was being cheap and this lower cost supplier only sold linear rods in increments of 50. I need 350mm, 380mm, and 400mm and I would pay about 33% extra for the 380mm rods. So I cheaped out and bought double the number of 400mm rods and was like: "I can trim off 20mm, easy peezy, lemon squeezy" but in reality it was "lemon difficult, difficult, difficult."

But hey, this is what first batches are for. Killing time in increasingly elaborate ways and working out suppliers for subsequent batches. The cool thing is that future batches can be expected to arrive 30% quicker and with a proper end to covid-19 shipping we can see turn around times up to 50% quicker than the first batch. When I planned this project back in April I was being overly cautious and it turns out that put me well on schedule for my Fall release.

No one point out fall is anytime between September 22 and December 21st HAAAA. Don't worry, I will do everything in my power to make sure the release is before October. I just don't want to rush beta testing too much because every day I spend testing spares a potential buyer from a tragedy of debugging.


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