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Concerns about Wix

I feel like my wix website bill increases by a couple hundred every time I look at it. At the moment I am using a combo plan with disabled online purchases from the website and this is their quote for the upgrade to their cheapest online store package. This is just not within my budget for small batch production and I am worried it will only increase from here.

I will be looking to transfer the website elsewhere with a more affordable online store, maybe square space or keeping things as they are here and plan to open an amazon or ebay linked store. If I were selling a printer a week, I probably wouldn't care so much for this website cost.

As for current building, I found I ran out of m3 t-nuts from my last project so I am kind of stuck not being able to attach things to the printer frame until parts arrive. Honestly a shame because the printed parts shown on my facebook are looking really nice and fitting together well.

I just have to be patient, Cheers!

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