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Clearing the filament path

I really should have expressed ordered at least one full set of parts just to get ahead of these first tests. At the moment the bends I have for the filament sensor are a bit too aggressive and need to be adjusted to find a sweet spot for enough tension to trigger the sensor and not so much that it prevents filament from entering.

I am also working on other small improvements here and there. One of which I am very happy about is an angle compensation to X-Axis sag which seems to be working very nicely.

My car is out for maintenance so I am unable to machine the heated bed support plate at the moment. I also ran into some trouble with my old salvage printers with parts failing and needing to be replaced. My best guess is the moisture in my area being around 49-53% is weakening custom PLA printed parts so I am reprinting replacements with long overdue upgrades.

Oh, I reordered motors and I am trying to see if I need to reorder touch screens. Things are so busy around here right now. I think it is safe to say that I really wish I had started testing a half month or month earlier. Doing my best!


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