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Added Belts, Dry Box Progress, and Pricing Adjustments

The daily updates continue and they certainly help me pace my progress with making the model. I added timing belts, adjusted their clearances of all the parts, and made some progress with the dry box by adding the expected sensor/lcd as well as a universal roller to accommodate a wide variety of spool sizes. The models still need general tweaks here and there but hopefully I should be reaching the point of adding screws, nuts, and other smaller hardware by the start of the coming month. This will make an outstanding base for building a visual manual for a future kit build.

Now onto more serious talk about pricing. I instinctively want to compete aggressively with pricing but at my current number crunching and rising shipping costs around the world, I do have to come to terms with the price of this 3D printer being priced too low for the small batches I am producing these printers in. Because of that, I cannot expect these printers to stay at $449.99 for very long. In about a month I will start a slow but steady price adjustment in regular increments to at least meet a red line of how cheap these printers can cost.

But hey, if I forget to increase the price all is fair to all of you.


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