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The Big Day!

The latest updates are the new additions to the X-Carriage holding the hot end. It still needs work but the blocky aesthetic hides the fan shroud for the oversized 40mm cooling fan and will provide an excellent mounting point for the extruder. Silent, small, and very agile looking system so far!

I finally worked out how I want the Z-Axis Linear rails to be fixed to the printer and I will be repeating my efforts to the remaining 3 corners over the next few days. I recently changed my mind from having a 235mm build height to a nice and even 250mm build height just to compete better with other printers.

Finally the Extruder and X Motor mount were cleaned up and reinforced. This machine will be respectably stiff. That means the Z and Y Carriages are both practically complete.

All should be good for me to add mounting holes for the remote drive extruder system and after I work out the Y-Axis tensioner, this CAD model will be good for printing and testing.

I don't know if anyone will actually read this but if you have thoughts about wanting a traditional LCD/encoder screen or a dual LCD/touchscreen. Let me know if I should make it standard. Problem is that touch screens in general are not cheap and I was hoping people would prefer not having a touch screen but give your thoughts below. IDK.

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