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Eureka3D in developement!

This has always been a long term goal for me to start a business selling CNC machines and what better place to start than my favorite maker tool, a 3D printer! I had a lot of fun 3D printing face shields and masks during the COVID-19 quarantine and I managed to fix up a handfull of different 3D printers I repaired to do so at great haste. What I learned is that I lacked a standard to all my machines and it made maintenance and growth difficult. What I needed was a low cost and flexible platform with all the bells and whistles my years of 3D printing experience deemed useful and with some caveats. I and most people cannot afford a $1000 printer in mass for a print farm and there are hidden costs with cheaper printers I would rather not waste time upgrading and replacing hardware I have no use for. Thus, the idea of the Eureka3D was born as seen here.

I have provided a hastily edited feature comparison of popular printers against the Eureka3D below to gather thoughts while the finishing touches on the CAD design are made. I plan on ordering and building the printer starting the 30th of April. The initial batch will be small and focused on polishing the features but all that is really needed is for one or two printers to be sold to really get the ball rolling for production.

I hope to discuss more about the development of features and marketing in future updates!

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