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The Power ARM 3D Printer is an upcoming compact desktop 3D printer to be built and made available in the US. The goal is to provide an affordable beginner 3D printing experience as well as a high performance and print farm potential tool for professionals right out of the box. The Power ARM 3D Printer is currently in developement and can be expected to be released before the end of the year!







  • Printer Specs

    Printer Eureka3D
    Build volume 235×235×260 mm (9.25×9.25×10.24 in)
    Frame Modular Full Frame
    Motion System Linear Rods with 11 Bearings
    Layer height 0.04-0.36 mm
    Max Print/Travel Speed 135/270 mm/s
    Max temperatures 300 °C / 120 °C (572 °F / 248 °F)
    Controller 32-bit motherboard with Trinamic 2209 silent stepper drivers
    Extruder Eureka Remote Dual Drive with 10:1 gearing ratio, best speed and precision of Bowden and Direct
    LCD screen 3.5" color touch screen with encoder wheel
    Print surface Removable spring steel magnetic heatbed with dual powder coated and smooth PEI surface, 120°C Max
    Heater Cartridge 50W, Fast Heating
    Nozzle diameter Hardened 0.4mm (default) / other nozzle diameters supported
    Hotend All Metal
    Filament diameter 1.75 mm
    Supported materials Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Glow in the dark, metal filled, PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, TPU, TPE, Flex
    Anti Backlash Built-in, reduces layer inconsistencies
    Heated Bed Insulation Built-in, decreases heating time and increases efficiency
    Fillament Dry Box Built-in, all filaments absorb moisture
    Filament sensor Run out and Jam Detection
    Power Loss Recovery Hardware-based, single G-code line accuracy
    Ethernet connection Via Print Server (optional upgrade)
    Wi-Fi connection Built-in and Via Print Server (optional upgrade)
    Calibration Automatic Mesh Bed Leveling
    Lighting Addressable RGB Full color activity reporting
    Print medium SD Card, USB, and Wifi
    Firmware update interface USB, Micro SD Card, or via Raspberry Pi (optional upgrade)
    Power Supply 24V 360W
    Kit Price (Upcoming)
    Assembled Printer Price $489.99
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