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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

So starting with good news, my original code/firmware/config/stuff was probably fine and the blank screen and ticking time bomb sound are to be expected from LPC 32-bit main boards. Case in point are the SKR 1.3 main boards which have very creative jumper wiring to mod LCD's not supported by their own 32-bit processor to interact with the main board. The largest of my late orders will be a bulk order of Nema 17 stepper motors arriving on Thursday. Not the most important thing to receive but still nice. If I am good with my time, I can get my first prototype drawing squares by the end of today.

The Bad

Not being able to use any of the LCD's that I have whether the full graphic or 2004 series for the printer is a bit annoying but I can still do motion testing and temperature readings by tethering the printer to my computer. No idea what happened to the touch screens ordered because they will be plug and play here. Amazon prices for touchscreens are not the worst but I don't want to pay more for anything ha.

The Ugly

Looks like I am still missing the Amazon equivalent of about $400-500 in material that are late and that is not including the stepper motors arriving on Thursday. My blacklist has unfortunately grown and I will have to put down some money to order new parts.

Back to the Good

Main boards seem good and I will get the printers moving end of today. I am excited to be entering the stage where making lots of phone pictures and even videos will be productive thanks to a real machine to record.

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