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Revolutionary Flow Detection in Development!

It is very frustrating to check in on a print that has failed part way through or wastes hours not extruding filament either because the filament on the spool ran out or there was a jam. Perhaps even the most difficult thing to diagnose are partial jams. This will not be a simple run out or jam detection system, no, this will be a proper flow detection system.

I've been hard at work developing a remedy for these problems and found a very straight forward and lightweight solution to monitor filament flow into the hot end. Let me just say the coding and mechanical solutions are now officially in development and could potentially make the Eureka3D the smartest 3D printer on the market once combined with the rest of its sensor suite.

I cannot make guarantees this will be on the final product because I will need to stress test this system more than most other parts of the printer to ensure reliability. Nonetheless I have a good feeling about this mini project while printer parts stream in for the first batch!


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